Rev. Connie Jones-Steward, MA, RH - Los Angeles Wedding Officiant & Minister
Congratulations on your engagement
and upcoming wedding!
The wedding ceremony, like all rites of passage, is a transformative life experience. Regardless of the form or content, the length or brevity, this ceremony is the first step in the building of your new home, family and place in your community. As your officiant I am there to do more than just speak words. My role is to assist you and guide you in planning for your special day and to help make that day as stress free and memorable as possible.
Professional Officiant or Traditional Clergy?
Think of professional officiants as private practice ministers. We are not bound by the contraints of any particular religion or church. Therefore we are able to serve the ceremonial needs of clients who are unaffiliated to a regular church or those who cannot be served by their regular minister. A professional officiant, also known as a celebrant, is a ceremony specialist who  leads at ceremonies that mark life transitions such as weddings, baby blessings and funerals. Many are ordained by liberal, inter-faith churches while others may be empowered by secular or government entities.
Why Choose Me As Your Officiant?
There are a lot of wonderful officiants and celebrants in Los Angeles and Southern California so you may be wondering what sets me apart from the rest. Let me begin by saying that I am a trained celebrant, minister and anthropologist which means that I have both spiritual and academic insight, along with practical experience, into the history and creation of ceremony and the importance that many people place on its role when celebrating the milestones of their lives.
Secondly, I am fully vested in providing you with caring service and an attentive ear. Beginning with our initial contact I pay attention to what you want and don't want in your ceremony and will work to co-create that ceremony with you.
When I arrive at our first meeting I will bring sample ceremonies and photos from past weddings so you can get a sense of my style. During the weeks and months leading up to your wedding, I am but a phone call, text message or email away if you want to bounce an idea off me or make changes. I also use this time to coordinate with your wedding planner and other professionals so that we can work together to ensure that your wedding goes smoothly. Finally on the day of your wedding I arrive 45 minutes - 1 hour early to review the license and work out any details and then, rather than rushing off to my next appointment, I allow ample time after your wedding for signing the license and other post-ceremony details. If you have any wedding related problems or questions after the big day I am at your service.  In short, I'm there for you from beginning to end.
Contact me if you need an officiant for any of the following types of weddings, committment ceremonies or spiritual unions in the Los Angeles and Southern California area: beach, garden, park, home, backyard, restaurant, spiritual,
secular, agnostic, humanist, Goddess-centered, African-American, gay, lesbian, elopement, handfasting, interfaith, non-denominational, steampunk, reiki weddings, holiday themed.